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  • Dr. Badlani is a fantastic orthopedic surgeon! I had a Laminotomy about 2 months ago, and everything turned out great! He's a wonderful doctor with a great bedside manor! I would recommend him to anyone needing any type of back surgery. Thanks again, Dr. Badlani!!


    ~ M S ~

  • Thank you Dr. Badlani. When I came to you I could barely walk without a lot of pain. I had tried injections and aquatic therapy and still in pain and right leg numb. After my Surgery I'm able to walk without pain. Thank you and Cheryl for taking good care of me. You're the BEST!


    ~ E J ~

  • I suffered from lower back pain since my early 20s. While I have always been active and fit my lower back issues became worse as I got older. From the first day I met Dr. Badlani and his staff I was impressed with how caring and patient they were. I remember my first visit and not being able to sit ...

    ~ T E ~

  • Before my surgery, I couldn't walk more then fifty feet before having to sit down or squat. The pain in my left leg was just horrible and sucked the life out of me daily.

    I received my surgery on 12-11-15 and life is so much better now. I'm walking with my family and enjoying life. Dr. ...

    ~ J K ~

  • Thank you Dr. Badlani. I'm really glad you were able to take my case on with such short notice, and I'm very happy with the results – pain almost entirely gone and leg strength recovering day by day.

    I look forward to playing football like Tony or golf like Tiger again! (Well, ma...

    ~ M W ~

  • I just want to thank you for your expertise and patience with me as I navigated this bout of bad back pain. I feel SO GOOD now, it is just amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a wonderful feeling to be pain-free.

    By - JF (after minimally invasive SI joint fusion)

    ~ J F ~

  • I want to thank you, Dr. Badlani and the rest of the team for the immediate relief from my back pain. When I woke up yesterday I knew the surgery was successful, but when I stood up and could stand straight, the joy was overwhelming. The experience from ‘A to Z' including your help getting my...

    ~ T C ~

  • I'm overwhelmed and overjoyed with the results of my surgery!!!

    Today only 15 days from my surgery, I jogged 5 miles!!! Without PAIN!!

    I have been walking 2 miles twice a day and only took my pain meds for two days after getting home. After spending 1 year in absolute pain and...

    ~ Isabel L ~

  • Dr. Badlani did an amazing job on my herniated disc. I was told that the recovery would take about two weeks and that I would be standing the first day out of surgery, and that is exactly what happened. Dr. Badlani and his wonderful assistant, Cheryl, took amazing care of me every time I called prio...

    ~ E C ~

  • For over 15 years I had back pain that gradually I sought epidural steroid injections. The first helped a little... But my back pain got worse until it was just unbearable... Couldn't sleep, sit for over 15 minutes…couldn’t get comfortable. No mater what I did... Then I broke down and scheduled...

    ~ F H ~

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