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    Comments: For over 15 years I had back pain that gradually I sought epidural steroid injections. The first helped a little... But my back pain got worse until it was just unbearable... Couldn't sleep, sit for over 15 minutes…couldn’t get comfortable. No mater what I did... Then I broke down and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Badlani. We scheduled an operation and what happened afterward was phenomenal...the pain after surgery was intense for a few days… but on the eighth day post operatively, surprise no pain!!! Before surgery I had pain daily for 15 years and I woke up totally surprised... It’s been since September and am not taking anything for pain... This surgery changed my life!!!! By the way his staff is supportive and has called me a number of time for follow up to ask if I'm ok...I cannot think of a better person to put your trust in if you require back diagnosis/surgery….by the way I'm an registered nurse!!!! I've seen a lot of doctors that could benefit from watching his team. Thanks doc.!!!

    By - FH
    Registered Nurse