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    Comments: I suffered from lower back pain since my early 20s. While I have always been active and fit my lower back issues became worse as I got older. From the first day I met Dr. Badlani and his staff I was impressed with how caring and patient they were. I remember my first visit and not being able to sit as I was in so much pain. Dr. Badlani spent a lot of time with me understanding the history of my back issues and knew right away what was wrong. While surgery seemed the logical choice I was not ready and spent time with his amazing physical therapy staff. Over time my pain was debilitating and I was unable to do simple things like give my children a bath. I finally decided to do the minimally invasive surgery July 2015. I was scared and unsure but felt comforted by Dr. Badlani and his staff. While recovery was more than I anticipated within 2 weeks I could tell my life was going to be different. Within 6 weeks I was back at the gym and have not experienced any back pain since recovery. My energy levels, my sleep and my overall mood has improved drastically. I cannot thank Dr. Badlani and his staff for truly changing my life. The surgery and his expertise have given me my life back!! Looking forward to the MS150 in the spring.

    By -TE