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    Comments: As someone who's been in the fitness industry for the past 35 years, choosing to have surgery and selecting a surgeon didn't come easy. After 20 years of physical therapy, acupuncture, and steroid injections in my spine, it seemed to be the final option for pain relief. Minimally Invasive Fusion had been ruled out by two other surgeons, so the fact that this surgery was an option was indeed welcome news.

    Meeting Dr. Badlani and his professional staff at the Orthopedic Sports Clinic reassured my decision. As someone who relies on physical strength and ability, I'm grateful Dr. Badlani took the time prior to the surgery to compassionately explain the options, procedures, and realities of the surgery. Post-surgery, Dr. Badlani's assistant Cheryl Schultz was quick to respond and extremely helpful with each and every request and question.

    Presently I'm 3 weeks out from surgery, and although not 100% strong, I'm definitely back pain free, improving daily, and extremely grateful I made the difficult decision to have surgery and to have found Dr. Badlani!

    Mary W, Jazzercise Instructor and U.S. Sales Director
    By -Mary W
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