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    Comments: I have been a multi-sport athlete for over 30 years and had learned to live with chronic back pain. Over the three decades of intense physical exercise, I had learned to manage the pain through chiropractic care. In January of 2013, the chronic back pain took a drastic turn for the worst. An MRI revealed a five millimeter disc herniation. My ability to walk, stand and move was severely hampered. I was in constant unrelenting pain. At the forefront of my consciousness, to exist was to suffer!!! I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Badlani and his PA, Cheryl, who recommended surgery as one of the options to alleviate the immeasurable pain I was experiencing. On January 15, 2013, Dr. Badlani performed a surgical procedure on my lower back.

    The relief I obtained was immediate. Being “pain free”was a welcoming new sensation!!! I have had other medical doctors view the work of Dr. Badlani and their assessment is uniformly consistent in that they all concur that the work performed by Dr. Badlani is stellar, unmatched in its excellence and exhibits the highest level of medical and surgical competence.

    Dr. Badlani is eminently qualified in his chosen profession. He is in my opinion a rising young star in the field of his endeavor. It is without equivocation or hesitation that I singularly and categorically recommend Dr. Badlani to whomever is a candidate for back surgery or any other types of orthopedic surgical care.

    Warm Regards,
    By - K