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    Comments: Dr. Badlani is a superhero disguised as a surgeon. As a former professional athlete, I have put my body to the test resulting 3 herniated disc, sciatic nerve complications and bone spurs.

    A year ago to the day that I am writing this review, I went in for a very complex back surgery. Being that it has now been a year, I feel that I can truly give a testimony of my results.

    First of all, I had 2 other "specialist" tell me that there isn’t much that they could do for me. I was terrified because at this point I was taking so much pain medication that was continuously making me feel like I was an addict. My sciatica was so excruciating that it resulted in me requiring a walker and my left leg atrophied. I am a graduate of the Marine Military Academy, I was a professional fighter, strong as a bull, I wasn’t going down without a fight. I wasn’t ready to act and feel like an old man at such a young age.

    My wife did some research and found Dr. Badlani. The consultation was very assuring and the staff was amazing . After reviewing all of the test and X-rays, He came up with a game plan and didn’t pull any punches. Dr. Badlani has a special reassuring confidence about his abilities. He was very easy to talk to and was very patient about answering our numerous questions.

    The surgery was an absolute success. I was able to walk out of the hospital with minor assistance after a few days. No more walker for me. Im back to an active lifestyle. Raising cattle on our ranch, playing with the kids, and loving and thanking my wife for doing the research that led us to Dr. Badlani.

    Athletes are like muscle cars. They are driven hard and abused. Old muscle cars have two choices. They can be put to pasture and /or parted out. Or, they can be rebuilt. Thank you for helping with the rebuild. Still have a lot of miles to go.

    By -Paul Ashley
    Former Pro Boxer
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