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    Comments: My experience with back surgery started with a visit to The Orthopedic Sports Clinic and an appointment with Dr. Badlani. I walked in and the receptionist, Tami, was polite and very efficient. I was taken back to my appointment by Dr. Badlani's assistant – Cheryl. After x-rays and a consultation it was decided that an MRI would be needed to get a full understanding of the situation with my spine. I had two compromised lumbar vertebrae to deal with. Then a CT and the final decision to do surgery with an assistance from another surgeon, due to the extensive surgery that was needed. The surgery was to be done at Houston Orthopedic and Spine Hospital.

    Surgery was accomplished with great success. I don't want to say that the recovery process was easy, it was not. However, following all guidelines it has been manageable. The most important thing is that there is no pain in either leg and occasional periods of numbness in the feet are getting fewer and father apart. This is a total change from the almost constant pain and numbness, prior to surgery.

    I can not say enough about the great people at Houston Orthopedic and Spine Hospital, they were always checking on me and I wanted for nothing. I am very happy with Dr. Badlani's work, Cheryl's support, and all the other people at The Orthopedic sports Clinic.

    I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Badlani to anyone who is having back pain. He worked a miracle on me.

    Thank you Dr. Badlani
    By -RY