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    Comments: I just wanted to provide some feedback on the results of my physical therapy sessions which I've been going to for the last three weeks. I'm an active person so the prognosis of dealing with sciatica has really affected my way of life. Now I have a natural way of dealing with this condition and I've made remarkable progress in a short amount of time. I really appreciate the efforts of Seth and Lindsey in guiding me through the exercises which have resulted in alleviating the sciatica pain I've been experiencing. Now there have been days where I've experienced no pain or a very minimal amount of pain and it's occurring more and more frequently as I strengthen my core muscles. It doesn't sound like a big deal but I was actually able to mow and edge my yard last weekend with no problems at all.

    The key to the success of the physical therapy is you have to stay positive and incorporate these exercises that you've learned from your sessions into a daily routine which becomes a way of life for you. Things become second nature such as being conscious of your body posture to avoiding activities which place an undue amount of strain on your back. Thanks to the knowledge I gained from these "classes" with the physical therapists when I have a flare-up of pain now I know which exercises I need to perform in order to remedy the situation.

    Please pass this on to Seth and Lindsey because I want them to stay motivated and to realize they can make a difference for those people who are willing to practice what they learn from them.