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    Comments: I'm overwhelmed and overjoyed with the results of my surgery!!!

    Today only 15 days from my surgery, I jogged 5 miles!!! Without PAIN!!

    I have been walking 2 miles twice a day and only took my pain meds for two days after getting home. After spending 1 year in absolute pain and unable to do even the smallest tasks without ending up in tears, got injections, nerve ablations but my lower back pain only got worse?

    The surgery, minimally invasive fusion L4-5 and L5-S1, it has been life changing. I was sooooo scared and there was no reason. The surgery was the best decision I made. After seeing 7 doctors, the moment I met Dr. Badlani ( and Cheryl), I knew what I needed to do.

    Your staff is AMAZING, anesthesiologist, surgeon, nurses and hospital staff, all four stars!! My two days at First Surgical Hospital were great. I laughed and made friends with those fabulous nurses.

    I cannot stop saying enough to explain how happy and grateful I am. You ROCK, and my life is that much better because of your knowledge and talent. Don't change your bedside manner and your humble personality. And your Cheryl is a rockstar!!!

    Isabel L

    I'm wearing my high heels

    By - Isabel L