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When Is Spinal Fusion Necessary?

Although spine surgery and spinal fusion may sound scary, but the results are definitely worth the procedure. Patients often worry about having to perform everyday tasks while wearing an uncomfortable back brace, but this is seldom necessary. While spinal fusion surgery can be serious for more complicated back problems, rest assured it will allow you to increase your ability to move around independently and pain-free.

Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure that intends to join two or more vertebrae into one. The objective is to seize movement between the vertebrae so as to prevent back pain. Once fusion is complete, your joints will no longer move like they used to. This prevents overstretching nearby nerves, ligaments, and muscles that may have caused discomfort.

Do I Need Spinal Fusion Surgery?

When medication, physical therapy, and steroid injections just haven’t removed your back pain, your last resort just might have to be a surgical procedure.

Spinal fusion might help you feel better if your back pain is caused by:

Degenerative disc disease - The space between discs can sometimes begin to narrow causing the discs to rub together. Uncomfortable friction will occur without the cartilage there to lubricate joint movement.

Fracture - Fractures around any joint area can, in time, force the joint to work harder under weakened conditions. This makes one more vulnerable to osteoarthritis.

Spinal Stenosis - Your spine curves abnormally to one side, forcing the other side to work harder to maintain balance.

How To Prepare For a Spinal Fusion Surgery

The week before your surgery, you may have some blood tests and spinal X-rays if you haven't had any recently.

Be sure to let your Dr. Badlani know of any medication that you be taking, any drinks you may have had, and any type of food you’ve eaten.

If you are still on the fence about spinal surgery, or have any inquiries about general back pain, contact the top spine surgeon in Houston today!