• When Is Spinal Fusion Necessary?

    Although spine surgery and spinal fusion may sound scary, but the results are definitely worth the procedure. Patients often worry about having to perform everyday tasks while wearing an uncomfortable back brace, but this is seldom necessary.

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  • How Technology Causes Back Pain

    Because technology plays such a huge part of everyday life, people are spending more and more time sitting at their desks at our computers, sometimes using bad posture. Bad posture causes neck pain, back pain, and many other preventable conditions. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent injuries from technology and back pain.

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  • Scoliosis, Tips for Home Screening

    Back pain should always be taken seriously, as it can sometimes lead to permanent damage. While pain can render one incapable of performing everyday physical activities, it can also be a sign of a more consequential condition. Back discomfort sometimes prompts the question, “Do I have scoliosis?”

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  • Minimally Invasive Robotic Spine Surgery: How the Future of Surgery has Arrived…

    The future of minimally invasive robotic spine surgery has arrived. In recent years, technological advances in endoscpes, cameras and medical robotics have elevated the science of spine surgery to an art. As a result, patients reap the rewards of less pain, reduction in incision size and less chance of complications than with traditional open surgical methods. They also enjoy a faster recovery and return to normal activities.

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  • The Importance of Back Strengthening Exercises

    Stretching prepares certain muscle groups for anaerobic exercise like weightlifting. Effective stretching helps to warm up the body before performing back strengthening exercises and neck strengthening exercises. Taking these precautionary measures ensures a safer and more efficient workout program.

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