• By - Mary Lou Retton, Olympic Gold Medalist

  • "Thanx to Dr. Neil Badlani for fixing my back. I am still in recovery mode but my pain is nothing like it was before my surgery. I thank God for the miracles of modern medicine. He did a fantastic job and kept me and my wife totally informed throughout the whole process. I can hangout with my kids again and I will forever be grateful for that. I had the best recovery room in the city and his staff was amazing. He is a great young doctor!"



    Ellis Wyms,
    retired NFL defensive lineman and Super Bowl XXXVII Champion with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, doing very well after minimally invasive robotic spine surgery.

    By - Ellis Wyms
  • Without Dr. Badlani's wonderful care and the Physical Therapy offered in connection with The Orthopedic Sports Clinic I would not have been able to go on to compete and win Floor and Beam at the Junior Olympic National Gymnastic Championships. This accomplishment created an opportunity for me to sign a gymnastic scholarship at a Division One University of my choice. I can't thank you enough Dr. Badlani, his wonderful staff and the Physical Therapy program at The Orthopedic Sports Clinic.

    Pearland, Texas
    Penn State University Gymnastics Recruit Class of 2019

    By - MH
  • After many years of living with back pain and two laminectomies, I was tired of living my life with back pain day and night. My wife introduced me to Dr. Neil Badlani and after my evaluation and consultation, one month later, my life changed. Dr. Badlani performed an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) between L5 & S1.

    I woke from the surgery pain free and after a short recovery, returned to work. One and a half years later, I am still pain free and living my life to its fullest. I would like to thank Dr. Badlani and his excellent staff for their professionalism, nurturing care, and most of all for allowing me to live my life with no more back pain!

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    RR (Manufacturing Manager-Shell)

    By - RR
  • I just want to say thanks Doc! My life is changed for ever and the surgery that you performed on me has made me pain free. Thanks to you and all your staff. I am forever thankful to you all. Thanks again. Also, I can get back to my Team Roping. I am only 2 months out of surgery and am living a normal life. Thanks again to the best surgeon ever.

    MH, Triple H Horse Farms

    MH, Triple H Horse Farms

    By - MH
  • As someone who's been in the fitness industry for the past 35 years, choosing to have surgery and selecting a surgeon didn't come easy. After 20 years of physical therapy, acupuncture, and steroid injections in my spine, it seemed to be the final option for pain relief. Minimally Invasive Fusion had been ruled out by two other surgeons, so the fact that this surgery was an option was indeed welcome news.

    Image Seven
    Patient Mary W. with Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with the Stars

    Image Eight
    Team in Black

    Meeting Dr. Badlani and his professional staff at the Orthopedic Sports Clinic reassured my decision. As someone who relies on physical strength and ability, I'm grateful Dr. Badlani took the time prior to the surgery to compassionately explain the options, procedures, and realities of the surgery. Post-surgery, Dr. Badlani's assistant Cheryl Schultz was quick to respond and extremely helpful with each and every request and question.

    Presently I'm 3 weeks out from surgery, and although not 100% strong, I'm definitely back pain free, improving daily, and extremely grateful I made the difficult decision to have surgery and to have found Dr. Badlani!

    Mary W, Jazzercise Instructor and U.S. Sales Director

    By - Mary W
  • “A severely pinched nerve root between my C5-6 vertebrae brought me to Dr. Badlani via referral from Dr. Palumbo. A rapid, conclusive diagnosis using in-house radiology and Dr. Badlani expertise resulted in a very successful outcome, providing complete pain relief upon procedure completion. Furthermore, Dr. Badlani and his entire staff were expeditious and comprehensive throughout the entire process, spanning 8 months. I am extremely happy to report a full return to my active lifestyle within 6 months of the procedure.”



    By - RH
  • I have been a multi-sport athlete for over 30 years and had learned to live with chronic back pain. Over the three decades of intense physical exercise, I had learned to manage the pain through chiropractic care. In January of 2013, the chronic back pain took a drastic turn for the worst. An MRI revealed a five millimeter disc herniation. My ability to walk, stand and move was severely hampered. I was in constant unrelenting pain. At the forefront of my consciousness, to exist was to suffer!!! I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Badlani and his PA, Cheryl, who recommended surgery as one of the options to alleviate the immeasurable pain I was experiencing. On January 15, 2013, Dr. Badlani performed a surgical procedure on my lower back.

    The relief I obtained was immediate. Being “pain free”was a welcoming new sensation!!! I have had other medical doctors view the work of Dr. Badlani and their assessment is uniformly consistent in that they all concur that the work performed by Dr. Badlani is stellar, unmatched in its excellence and exhibits the highest level of medical and surgical competence.

    Dr. Badlani is eminently qualified in his chosen profession. He is in my opinion a rising young star in the field of his endeavor. It is without equivocation or hesitation that I singularly and categorically recommend Dr. Badlani to whomever is a candidate for back surgery or any other types of orthopedic surgical care.

    Warm Regards,


    By - K
  • “Am I ready for surgery? Am I too young for surgery? How much will my range of motion be affected by surgery?

    Having surgery is a major decision and doubts will arise in your mind no matter how prepared you think you are.

    I am a 40 year old active mom of a preschooler and can’t afford for the daily wheels of life to stop turning. However life as I knew it consisted of constant pain, daily headaches and numbness down my right arm.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Badlani’s for several years. From the moment you meet Dr. Badlani and his assistant Cheryl, you become aware that their primary goal is to significantly improve your daily life in the least invasive way possible.

    As much as I wanted to deny the reality, the years of physical therapy, steroid injections and pain medications were no longer successful and Dr. Badlani and I decided ACDF (Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion) was the solution.

    I went into surgery on a Wednesday afternoon and by the time I was out of recovery my numbness was completely gone and the pain in my neck was significantly reduced.

    Within 2 weeks of surgery I was back to my normal daily life, yet mindful of anything too strenuous.

    One month post-op, I am beyond amazed and ecstatic that my life no longer consists of numbness, headaches and pain. My mobility and range of motion has significantly improved after surgery.

    I’ve gone from 50% to 100% and am able to go toe to toe with my son’s boundless amounts of exuberance each day.

    I highly recommend and implicitly trust Dr. Badlani in treating any and all of your back and neck needs.

    Patient Kim CKim C

    Kim C

    By - Kim C
  • We are very proud of our patient Reina who's back to working out at Define Katy just two months after minimally invasive spinal fusion for high grade spondylolisthesis.


    By - Katy
  • I am so happy to have found this wonderful doctor. This is the only place to consider if you have back pain, spinal issues. I went there for a second opinion after one year with pain every day and it was the best decision I could have made. Dr. Badlani was great at further diagnosing my lower back pain. He inspired confidence and I feel like I am in excellent hands. Now I’ve completed 3 month after surgery and it is awesome, because I’m able to return to my normal life without pain and the most important is I’m able to practice sports. I’m 40 years old and this weekend I’ve completed 30 miles with my road bike without pain. I’m so, so, so happy! Sport is my life, I would like to thank you so much Dr. Badlani.


    Andrezza A.
  • I am doing well. I am very happy I did the surgery. My only regret is waiting 4-5 years to get it done!

    Bradley C Rock climbing

    Bradley C.

    Back to rock climbing just a few months after minimally invasive spinal fusion.

  • Dr. Badlani is a superhero disguised as a surgeon. As a former professional athlete, I have put my body to the test resulting 3 herniated disc, sciatic nerve complications and bone spurs.

    A year ago to the day that I am writing this review, I went in for a very complex back surgery. Being that it has now been a year, I feel that I can truly give a testimony of my results.

    First of all, I had 2 other "specialist" tell me that there isn’t much that they could do for me. I was terrified because at this point I was taking so much pain medication that was continuously making me feel like I was an addict. My sciatica was so excruciating that it resulted in me requiring a walker and my left leg atrophied. I am a graduate of the Marine Military Academy, I was a professional fighter, strong as a bull, I wasn’t going down without a fight. I wasn’t ready to act and feel like an old man at such a young age.

    My wife did some research and found Dr. Badlani. The consultation was very assuring and the staff was amazing . After reviewing all of the test and X-rays, He came up with a game plan and didn’t pull any punches. Dr. Badlani has a special reassuring confidence about his abilities. He was very easy to talk to and was very patient about answering our numerous questions.

    The surgery was an absolute success. I was able to walk out of the hospital with minor assistance after a few days. No more walker for me. Im back to an active lifestyle. Raising cattle on our ranch, playing with the kids, and loving and thanking my wife for doing the research that led us to Dr. Badlani.

    Athletes are like muscle cars. They are driven hard and abused. Old muscle cars have two choices. They can be put to pasture and /or parted out. Or, they can be rebuilt. Thank you for helping with the rebuild. Still have a lot of miles to go.

    Paul Ashley

    Paul Ashley
    Former Pro Boxer
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    I had a cervical disc replacement with Dr. Badlani and was extremely pleased with the results! The neck pain and arm numbness I had for years before surgery was gone right away. I was back to running, swimming and even surfing in just a few weeks with no pain!

    By - BC
  • I had surgery on my neck by Dr. Badlani 6 months ago. The procedure was an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. Since surgery, I have no neck, back or arm pain. I no longer take any pain medications. I can now sleep on one pillow instead of three and I don't have to use an oxygen machine at night. I am a happy happy patient!


    By - EP
  • This is to pass along my successful, positive, professional and friendly experience with Dr. Badlani and his staff. I felt very comfortable preparing for my surgery thanks to your assistance. Dr. Badlani and you put my mind at ease by taking the time to explain the procedure in detail and not rushing the situation.


    By - EW
  • I am writing to express my gratitude for a "job well done". I put that in quotation marks because for them it is their job but, for my family it was a miracle!

    I started experiencing back pain around March of 2013, not severe and manageable with Ibuprofen. It progressed into pain shooting down my left leg periodically. Then in August it turned into severe, unrelenting pain in my left leg. I was unable to be in a sitting position and could barely walk. I could not even drive myself to the doctor, I could only lay in the backseat and be driven everywhere by my wife. I had an MRI done and found out that I had a herniated disc between L5 and S1. This was devastating news to me as I am the bread winner in my family. No way could I be out of work for a back surgery. Then to think of the horror stories you hear of "never being right again" or "still in pain". I didn't have a choice though, I could no longer function in the shape I was in. I was referred to Dr. Badlani by my endocrinologist (of all people) Dr. Orzeck. Dr. Badlani was able to see me the same day we called to make the appointment. I asked about alternatives to surgery, and he was honest with me. He said you can try injections, but we will probably be having this same conversation in a few weeks when they don't work.The amount of disc that had herniated was "impressive" he said. So, I relented and scheduled surgery. I went into the operating room around 11am and WALKED out of the hospital around 5pm. (They did make take a wheel chair ride part of the way.) I got in the truck all by myself and I SAT on the seat for the first time in 5 weeks! I now feel better than I have in years. Dr. Badlani cautioned that the relief might not be instant due to the inflammation, but for me it was. I have had no pain, numbness, or even tingling in my back or leg since the day of surgery. Best of all I was back to work (light duty), and providing for my family within two weeks.

    Finding Dr. Badlani and Cheryl was nothing short of a miracle. His minimally invasive techniques, surgical skills, and amazing bedside manner should be applauded! I have already referred a colleague to them and will continue to do so. He has literally changed my life, and that is no exaggeration. Thank you doesn't seem to be enough for all that they have done for me and my family.

    Thank you again for giving me my life back


    By - JS
  • My experience with back surgery started with a visit to The Orthopedic Sports Clinic and an appointment with Dr. Badlani. I walked in and the receptionist, Tami, was polite and very efficient. I was taken back to my appointment by Dr. Badlani's assistant – Cheryl. After x-rays and a consultation it was decided that an MRI would be needed to get a full understanding of the situation with my spine. I had two compromised lumbar vertebrae to deal with. Then a CT and the final decision to do surgery with an assistance from another surgeon, due to the extensive surgery that was needed. The surgery was to be done at Houston Orthopedic and Spine Hospital.

    Surgery was accomplished with great success. I don't want to say that the recovery process was easy, it was not. However, following all guidelines it has been manageable. The most important thing is that there is no pain in either leg and occasional periods of numbness in the feet are getting fewer and father apart. This is a total change from the almost constant pain and numbness, prior to surgery.

    I can not say enough about the great people at Houston Orthopedic and Spine Hospital, they were always checking on me and I wanted for nothing. I am very happy with Dr. Badlani's work, Cheryl's support, and all the other people at The Orthopedic sports Clinic.

    I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Badlani to anyone who is having back pain. He worked a miracle on me.

    Thank you Dr. Badlani.


    By - RY
  • I just wanted to provide some feedback on the results of my physical therapy sessions which I've been going to for the last three weeks. I'm an active person so the prognosis of dealing with sciatica has really affected my way of life. Now I have a natural way of dealing with this condition and I've made remarkable progress in a short amount of time. I really appreciate the efforts of Seth and Lindsey in guiding me through the exercises which have resulted in alleviating the sciatica pain I've been experiencing. Now there have been days where I've experienced no pain or a very minimal amount of pain and it's occurring more and more frequently as I strengthen my core muscles. It doesn't sound like a big deal but I was actually able to mow and edge my yard last weekend with no problems at all.

    The key to the success of the physical therapy is you have to stay positive and incorporate these exercises that you've learned from your sessions into a daily routine which becomes a way of life for you. Things become second nature such as being conscious of your body posture to avoiding activities which place an undue amount of strain on your back. Thanks to the knowledge I gained from these "classes" with the physical therapists when I have a flare-up of pain now I know which exercises I need to perform in order to remedy the situation.

    Please pass this on to Seth and Lindsey because I want them to stay motivated and to realize they can make a difference for those people who are willing to practice what they learn from them.



    By - MN
  • I am doing great!. I am back working out with my Trainer just two weeks after surgery to strengthen my core​, particularly my low back which has atrophied quite a bit over the past three years. I am still taking two one-hour walks a day with absolutely zero pain. Thanks again to Dr. Badlani and the rest of the team. Had I known the surgery would be this easy (like arthroscopic knee surgery for the spine) and effective, I would have done it a couple of years ago!



    By - NS
  • Dr. Badlani is a fantastic orthopedic surgeon! I had a Laminotomy about 2 months ago, and everything turned out great! He's a wonderful doctor with a great bedside manor! I would recommend him to anyone needing any type of back surgery. Thanks again, Dr. Badlani!!



    By - MS
  • Thank you Dr. Badlani. When I came to you I could barely walk without a lot of pain. I had tried injections and aquatic therapy and still in pain and right leg numb. After my Surgery I'm able to walk without pain. Thank you and Cheryl for taking good care of me. You're the BEST!


    By - EJ
  • I suffered from lower back pain since my early 20s. While I have always been active and fit my lower back issues became worse as I got older. From the first day I met Dr. Badlani and his staff I was impressed with how caring and patient they were. I remember my first visit and not being able to sit as I was in so much pain. Dr. Badlani spent a lot of time with me understanding the history of my back issues and knew right away what was wrong. While surgery seemed the logical choice I was not ready and spent time with his amazing physical therapy staff. Over time my pain was debilitating and I was unable to do simple things like give my children a bath. I finally decided to do the minimally invasive surgery July 2015. I was scared and unsure but felt comforted by Dr. Badlani and his staff. While recovery was more than I anticipated within 2 weeks I could tell my life was going to be different. Within 6 weeks I was back at the gym and have not experienced any back pain since recovery. My energy levels, my sleep and my overall mood has improved drastically. I cannot thank Dr. Badlani and his staff for truly changing my life. The surgery and his expertise have given me my life back!! Looking forward to the MS150 in the spring.


    By - TE
  • Before my surgery, I couldn't walk more then fifty feet before having to sit down or squat. The pain in my left leg was just horrible and sucked the life out of me daily.

    I received my surgery on 12-11-15 and life is so much better now. I'm walking with my family and enjoying life. Dr. Badlani's staff is first class. His nurse was always responsive to my calls and always returned my calls the same day. She answered all of my questions with professionalism and dignity.

    I would highly recommend Dr. Badlani for all of your back needs. Life is to short to live with back pain.


    By - JK
  • Thank you Dr. Badlani. I'm really glad you were able to take my case on with such short notice, and I'm very happy with the results – pain almost entirely gone and leg strength recovering day by day.

    I look forward to playing football like Tony or golf like Tiger again! (Well, maybe those aren't the best goals these days, but they'll do for me!)


    By - MW
  • I just want to thank you for your expertise and patience with me as I navigated this bout of bad back pain. I feel SO GOOD now, it is just amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a wonderful feeling to be pain-free.

    JF (after minimally invasive SI joint fusion)

    By - JF
  • I want to thank you, Dr. Badlani and the rest of the team for the immediate relief from my back pain. When I woke up yesterday I knew the surgery was successful, but when I stood up and could stand straight, the joy was overwhelming. The experience from ‘A to Z' including your help getting my cardiology results went well above and beyond my expectations as a patient.

    I am about to head out for my walk.

    Once again, THANKS!


    By - TC
  • I'm overwhelmed and overjoyed with the results of my surgery!!!

    Today only 15 days from my surgery, I jogged 5 miles!!! Without PAIN!!

    I have been walking 2 miles twice a day and only took my pain meds for two days after getting home. After spending 1 year in absolute pain and unable to do even the smallest tasks without ending up in tears, got injections, nerve ablations but my lower back pain only got worse?

    The surgery, minimally invasive fusion L4-5 and L5-S1, it has been life changing. I was sooooo scared and there was no reason. The surgery was the best decision I made. After seeing 7 doctors, the moment I met Dr. Badlani ( and Cheryl), I knew what I needed to do.

    Your staff is AMAZING, anesthesiologist, surgeon, nurses and hospital staff, all four stars!! My two days at First Surgical Hospital were great. I laughed and made friends with those fabulous nurses.

    I cannot stop saying enough to explain how happy and grateful I am. You ROCK, and my life is that much better because of your knowledge and talent. Don't change your bedside manner and your humble personality. And your Cheryl is a rockstar!!!

    Isabel L

    I'm wearing my high heels

    By - Isabel L
  • Dr. Badlani did an amazing job on my herniated disc. I was told that the recovery would take about two weeks and that I would be standing the first day out of surgery, and that is exactly what happened. Dr. Badlani and his wonderful assistant, Cheryl, took amazing care of me every time I called prior to surgery or when I had any questions. I was not sure what to expect from back surgery so my questions were frequent and their patience was incredible. I have since recommended Dr. Badlani and his amazing staff to several friends of mine who were contemplating surgery as well.

    Thank you again SOOOOO much!

    - EC
  • For over 15 years I had back pain that gradually I sought epidural steroid injections. The first helped a little... But my back pain got worse until it was just unbearable... Couldn't sleep, sit for over 15 minutes…couldn’t get comfortable. No mater what I did... Then I broke down and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Badlani. We scheduled an operation and what happened afterward was phenomenal...the pain after surgery was intense for a few days… but on the eighth day post operatively, surprise no pain!!! Before surgery I had pain daily for 15 years and I woke up totally surprised... It’s been since September and am not taking anything for pain... This surgery changed my life!!!! By the way his staff is supportive and has called me a number of time for follow up to ask if I'm ok...I cannot think of a better person to put your trust in if you require back diagnosis/surgery….by the way I'm an registered nurse!!!! I've seen a lot of doctors that could benefit from watching his team. Thanks doc.!!!

    - FH
    Registered Nurse
  • - Paul Ashley